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Balance Blocks (10 Pack)

Bala Balance Blocks are designed to improve stability and flexibility without becoming a crutch. After all, you can’t spell balance without Bala. Designed for yoga, stretching and rehabilitation.

The Hourglass Roller (6 Pack)

The Hourglass Roller is designed to improve alignment, flexibility and speed recovery. Your body will thank you. Designed for yoga, stretching and rehabilitation.

The Jump Rope (24 Pack)

A playground classic reimagined. With ½ LB weighted handles and an adjustable, replaceable rope, The Jump Rope has grown up. Designed for cardio and HIIT.

Bala Pilates Ball (Non-Weighted)

The Bala Pilates Ball is designed to help improve core strength, balance and aid rehabilitation. Over-inflate for more support or half fill to activate muscles you never knew you even had. Designed for stability, barre, pilates, yoga, core training, stretching and rehabilitation.

Charcoal, Blush, Sand
Bala Bands (24 Pack)

A tried and true accessory, Bala Bands are designed to intensify any and every workout. Designed for yoga, pilates, home workouts, strength training and rehabilitation.

Bala Bangles

Wildly versatile, Bala Bangles can be worn on wrists or ankles. The world just became your gym. Designed for yoga, aerobics, boxing, pilates, walking, home workouts, core training and rehabilitation.

Bala Bars

At 3LB each, Bala Bars are designed for strength and versatility. You won’t want to put them down. Designed for walking, strength training, HIIT, boxing and aerobics.

Bala Beam

Bala Beam’s sculptural, ergonomic design is perfect for concentrated and compound movements alike. Designed for strength training.

The Power Ring

The kettlebell and the dumbbell had a baby and – it turns out – she’s cute. Press, hold, swing and squat to increase strength, agility, endurance and balance. Designed for strength training, HIIT and aerobics.

The Play Mat

The Play Mat is as supportive as it is comfortable. Break a sweat or take a nap, the choice is yours. Designed for yoga, aerobics, pilates, home workouts and core training.

Workout by Activity

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Bala Curated Playlists

The perfect combo of strength and cardio for a fast-paced full-body burn.

Fire it up
The perfect combo of strength and cardio for a fast-paced full-body burn.
Glow Flow
Waken up your body and get limber with a foundational yoga flow.
Dance blend burn
Design to tone through pilates sculpt meets ballet-inspired dance blend.
Heart pumping power
Get ready to sweat it out with this high-energy, HIIT-focused workout.
Restore and chill
Melt your day away with yoga and unwind through a moving meditation.


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